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Necking … Really??

Thinking about this ancient practice, made me contemplate the Neck itself and what it is that is so special about such!

Necklaces have been an integral part of jewellery since the time of ancient civilizations and pre-date the invention of writing. So, what, I asked (the internet) is all that about?

When you break it down 2 words appear, “neck” and “lace” …. hmmm, let’s take a closer look…

The neck is the part of the body, on many terrestrial or secondarily aquatic vertebrates, that distinguishes the head from the torso or trunk.

So my supermodel above doesn’t have a torso in the traditional sense, but would probably need to win the Lotto, just to be able to buy enough necklaces to cover her neck.

Now it’s true that, even if not equal to the Lotto prize, anything of value these days will cost an arm and a leg. We would consider the price worth it, if one can keep the Neck…., and if the reason one is investing in a valuable item, is based on something really important and the goods are wonderful quality items.

Therein lay the conundrum. I asked myself, if I were a supermodel with a beautiful neck, why would I want to adorn it with something valuable?

So, after much thinking, I found my answer in the 2nd part of the word “necklace” … and hey – pay attention people …. (we are doing the Latin mumbo-jumbo again)! The etymology of the word “lace” is from Middle English and from Old French “las”, noose, string; probably akin to the Latin “lacere”, to entice or ensnare.

Now I am starting to understand!

So, it works like this … if you want to ensnare or entice a love-partner and care-for/save the future of this long-necked-supermodel  (the wild animal, of course!), then I suggest you find at a love-catching device, which fits the perfect description of:

  • Value
  • Investment
  • Beautiful neck
  • Adornment
  • Save the animals

And ….

– What can I say …… Get out there & Entice !!
at …

The Gruff

Cool It!

There I was, casually reaching into the magazine rack, to do the unthinkable! To read while performing other bodily functions. Now, I know that creates a horrible image, but worse is to come.

The magazine, which I picked up, was none other than the trusty National Geographic (, which normally provides light, informative articles, from which I emerge a lot wiser!

This time, however, I grew increasingly frustrated (with what I was reading) because article after article just created a sense of utter dis-empowerment and hopelessness in me.

It was the “Climate Issue” November, 2015, with the same title as this blog. For one moment, I felt absolutely trapped by the utter, callous destruction of this Earth; the speed at which we are seeing global warming and the bleak future for our children’s children.

And just when I decided that I may as well drown myself, reason kicked in and I thought again! If the 7 billion people on this planet, each did SOMETHING towards contributing a solution to the problem, I am sure that we could genuinely make a difference.

I know there are Climate Change talks (next is in Oct 2016 in Spain and many countries are figuring out strategies towards stopping the burning of fossil fuels, litter reduction etc. But if we, the people, got stuck in and found some ways to start gearing up towards doing things differently, I bet that we would start seeing some changes.

It’s like the tap I see dripping, in front of my eyes. If everyone’s tap was dripping, we would have no water left. But, by every one of us preventing water wastage, just by turning off our dripping taps, we could preserve rivers!

For my part, I decided there and then, not only to make household changes (solar energy, recycling waste, composting wet waste and saving water) but I would change the way I shop. Why would I keep contributing to the destruction of the planet, by rewarding companies that just don’t care!

I have decided to become a consumer with a conscience!

I want to see money from my purchases do good things – like feed a child, or support a student, or help a crafter, or save the Earth by the manufacturers using eco-friendly principles in what is made and how the product is made.

C’mon I challenge you to join me! (… not in the little boys’ room, but in my quest as an individual to make a difference) … I am going to start by supporting this little business – mostly because I believe their hearts are in the right places, doing all the things I would like to see my consumerism achieve!

And with that decision, my business was done! I left the room with a feeling of lightness and a sense of purpose!

– The Gruff.

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